London Luton Airport has been completed.

Date_ 23 July 2017

London Luton airport works have been completed.

The final phase of civil engineering works has recently been completed at London Luton airport. Passenger numbers are increasing year on year with a planned 50% increase to 18 million in the period 2014 to 2020.

The single carriageway upgrade to a new dual carriageway coupled with a new passenger drop off zones, car–park extensions and upgrades, new taxi rank and segregated pedestrian area has dramatically reduced congestion and improved safety around the airport.

A new enclosed and elevated pedestrian bridge with span length of 110mm crossing over access roads now enables passengers to access the Multi–storey and Short–Term car park by foot, providing easy and safe navigation around the airport.

Ordinarily when completing a project of this size work is usually carried out under road closures, however, it was important to keep pedestrians and transport moving so as not to disrupt the flow of this busy airport. This meant that all works were carried out in a live airport environment which required extensive pre–planning and consultations with the Airport Operations team to minimise disruption for all airport users.

The Whitemountain team complied stringently to airport safety procedures ensuring an impeccable safety record with Zero reportable incidents.