• Bicycle Hire Scheme, Belfast
  • Bicycle Hire Scheme, Belfast

Bicycle Hire Scheme, Belfast

Date_ 8 May 2015


Whitemountain completed work on Belfast City Council’s bike hire scheme. Initially there will be 30 docking stations in the first phase of the project.

The Department for Regional Development (DRD) is providing initial capital funding for the scheme as part of their Active Travel Demonstration Projects budget.

NSL is looking after the daily operation of the scheme, while Nextbike is responsible for the bikes.

Coca–Cola HBC Northern Ireland is the scheme’s official sponsor, and it will be called Coca–Cola Zero Belfast Bikes.

Whether you are at the Odyssey Arena, Central Station, Millfield, or the Gas Works – you will be able to pick up a bike.


Docking Station behind Belfast City Hall.