At Whitemountain we aim to maintain our position as a market leader by continually investing in new and improved plant, technology and processes.

Our development team develops quality products to meet customer needs, working closely with customers, specifiers and other industry professionals. Such collaboration has led to the launch of our innovative Special Products range which includes:

•Treesurf – decorative stone surfacing product

Treesurf is a porous, decorative, resin bound aggregate which allows free drainage of water to tree bases and roots.  This aesthetically pleasing natural stone is available in a range of colours to complement any surrounding landscape.

•Gripsurf – coloured and anti–slip surfacing

Gripsurf is a high performance and versatile coloured anti–slip surfacing system designed to improve the visual characteristics of landscaped sites.  The system consists of two components, namely, a blend of modified Polyurethane resins combined with decorative abrasion resistant aggregates.  The resulting surface has an attractive, high slip resistance factor.  Gripsurf, which is available in a wide range of colours, is used across diverse environments including cycle tracks, parks, pedestrian walkways and shop forecourts.

•Anti–Skid High–Friction Surfacing

Whitemountain is a BBA/HAPAS approved installer of the Hitex Textureprint Type 1 Thermoplastic High–Friction Surfacing System which is used as a high–friction surfacing on highways with surface texture depths of between 0.5mm and 2mm.  It is commonly applied on approaches to roundabouts, traffic lights and major junctions.