• Airport Drop Off Zone

Reconfiguration and upgrade of the Drop Off Zone and Terminal Exclusion Zone at Belfast International Airport was completed by Whitemountain.

Under this Design & Build contract Whitemountain was given the brief to provide an exclusion zone at the front of the terminal building including a change to the existing set down and pickup arrangements.

To meet the Airport’s requirements of CAA regulations, Whitemountain undertook to provide an exclusion zone around the front of the terminal which involved installing barriers capable of withstanding the force of a 7.5 tonne lorry travelling at 50kph. These barriers consisted of static and hydraulically activated bollards, and 200nr concrete blast proof cubes with a decorative aggregate finish.  All these works were compliant with PAS 68 standard.   

In order to accommodate the exclusion zone a new road and drop–off zone were constructed through the existing short stay car park. A complete change of airport road signage was undertaken throughout the airport and on local approach roads.  The works also included the installation of a paid drop–off area for passengers which involved the installation of coin bins and electrically controlled barriers. General aesthetic improvements to the front of the terminal building were undertaken which consisted of the installation of street furniture, shelters, planters, horticultural and landscaping works.

The scheme required Whitemountain to maintain access to the Terminal Building while works progressed and entailed considerable pedestrian and traffic management whilst limiting disruption to the day–to–day running of the airport.